Our “Why”

Our “why” starts with the experience of our own children in traditional school. It didn’t take long for us to wonder if we were the only ones feeling so concerned about our children’s happiness and well-being while they were in school.

Education reform is a constant and prevalent topic in society at large because the current model is designed for a time and place that no longer exists. It was designed over 130 years ago to prepare young people for jobs during the industrial revolution. In a TED TALK by leading educational thinker Ken Robinson that has been watched over six million times, Robinson says, “Reform as we know it is of no use anymore, because that is simply improving a broken model…this has to be transformed into something else.”

As we reflected on our own children’s experience, dove into the world of innovative educational models, and considered the current model of school design, we stepped back and had a few revelations about education:

  • The traditional educational model is obsolete
  • Standardization is ineffective for ALL learners
  • Children can achieve greatness
  • All children are unique and have a jagged learning profile
  • Character matters
  • Children should be free to find a calling or passion

Thus, we started Acton.  Freeing children to find a calling, learn at their own pace in their own way, strive towards excellence, overcome challenges and failures, keep promises, uphold high standards, practice real world skills, and learn in a deep meaningful and relevant way is what our children need.

If you agree, come meet us and see how we are making that happen at Acton.