Projects & Quests

A student prepares to film a news story.

Projects and quests are carefully developed and designed for students to learn traditional topics like science, social studies, and history, while concurrently instilling and incorporating the growth of valuable real world skills and abilities.

Our project map for this year includes five major quests.  They are:

Life Finds a Way: What does life need to survive?
A biology-centered quest that delves into topics of evolution and adaptation, organisms in extreme environments, life in our universe, ecosystem health and restoration, climate change.

A Chance to Win: Does impossibility exist numerically? Do perceptions of impossibility matter?
Students create and exhibit their own games, exploring probability, psychology, and design.

Paradigm Shift: Can one person make the difference?
Learners will research a historic hero who succeeded in their own quest to change the status-quo or challenge existing limits of possibility, then translate their research into writing and performing a dramatic monologue as their hero.

Better, Faster, Stronger: What are the parameters of physical limits? Are there true limits?
An exploration into the way tools can help us manipulate objects and our own natural capabilities to become faster, stronger, and and go farther. Theoretical and hands-on explorations to shed light on the laws of physics, human anatomy, and historic “boundary breaking.”

The Eyes of History: Are you able to “know” without having experienced?
The studio will explore NC’s significant historic moments and produce multimedia journalistic reports through the lens of first-hand accounts.

Exhibitions are just one of the many ways that Acton Learners are able to demonstrate their skills and abilities to the community at large. We use Exhibitions as a way to keep our community engaged and help us showcase and celebrate the learning process. The learners plan and execute each exhibition based on the quest they have completed. This may be a writers tea, museum, or performance.