Acton Academy Durham Trailblazer Scholarship

Acton Academy is proud to announce the formation of our Trailblazer scholarship.

Thanks to a generous gift from an anonymous donor, Acton Academy Durham is currently accepting applications for 12 full-tuition middle school scholarships. The donating philanthropist’s wish is to enable the most promising students in the Triangle to complete a Mastery-based Middle School program with the area’s most innovative educational institution.

Acton believes that every young person is a Hero on a Hero’s Journey. It is our mission to inspire every individual that walks through our doors to Find a Calling that will Change the World.

We are looking for students that seek challenges, have a bias toward action, ask great questions, find interesting and creative solutions to challenging problems, work diligently towards academic excellence, overcome great challenges, support their peers in holding to the highest standards, and serve their community in a generous and productive way.

In the context of Mastery Based learning students at Acton will pursue all core skills (reading, writing, and math) in self-directed and self-paced way. Students will engage in daily Socratic discussions and complete projects and quests that integrate meaningful and valuable real world 21st century skills.

In a world of Google and Wikipedia we believe the lecturing on, memorization, and testing of content like dates, definitions, facts, and figures is nearly valueless. Those that will be wildly successful in the future will have exceptional strengths in the areas of mindset, character, and skills. Those will be our primary focus at Acton daily.

Do you believe that school is obsolete? Are you tired of a system that hasn’t changed in 120 years? Do you feel like your school isn’t preparing you to achieve your highest potential, become your best self, or change the world? Come see us.

Join the network of the most innovative schools in the world. Apply for the Acton Academy Durham Trailblazer scholarship today.

*Scholarship available for rising 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th graders.

This application should be exclusively completed by the student seeking the scholarship.

Trailblazer Scholarship Application

  • *Answers can be written in the online form fields, or if you prefer, you can submit your responses via a short 3 minute video.